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Learning to Play

Although the game might seem quite daunting, the basic rules of croquet are relatively simple. To progress, one needs to master the various different strokes and at the same time develop an understanding of the subtleties of tactics. Fortunately there is a well-developed handicap system in croquet which enables everybody from beginners to experts to play each other on equal terms.

There are a number of good articles and books on the theory of croquet, many of which can be found by following the links on this site. However, there's no substitute for playing the game to develop one's shots and tactics.

Early in the season the club holds a Community Open Day at which non-members can learn the basic rules and techniques of the game. There is no charge for this and all equipment is provided. See the fixture list for when this is held. The Meadows club holds many croquet competitions and tournaments and you are welcome to come along and watch top level croquet being played.

If you are interested in learning to play, you are very welcome to contact us to find out what opportunities exist on weekdays from 2pm to dusk. Several weekends are dedicated to competitive events, and you are very welcome to come and watch with an excellent chance to see the game in action. If there is no match, play is possible on Saturday and Sunday.

The 2024 season runs from Saturday 6 April to Sunday 6 October and the fixture list will give you a better idea of Meadows activities.