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Joining the Club

The subscription rates for the 2024 season are:

Membership Category Annual Subscription
Full £135.00
Countryliving more than 20 miles by road from Meadows Croquet Club £70.00
Far Countryliving more than 50 miles by road from Meadows Croquet Club £30.00
Studentfor those under the age of 18 on 1st April, and for those aged 18 and over who are in full-time education or training £30.00
Juniorup to 16th birthday; no voting rights £10.00
Non-playingonly open to ex-members or partners of members; non-playing members are not permitted to use the green and do not have voting rights £30.00
Temporaryper month in season or single sum over winter £30.00

Subscriptions for new members (Full or Country) joining after 1 April are calculated pro rata.

There is no joining fee. The club is however constituted as a Company Limited by Guarantee (registered number SC221570) and members are required to guarantee to contribute the sum of £1 towards the club's assets in the event of the club being wound up.

Playing members are entitled to use the club's facilities without further charge, to enter club competitions and to vote at general meetings.

Application for Junior membership must be sponsored by a Full member who will act as mentor, and be responsible for the safety, welfare and conduct of the Junior member at the Club. Junior members shall not vote at Club general meetings. A Junior member becomes a Student member on their 16th birthday, without extra fee for the balance of that season.

Non-playing members are entitled to use the pavilion and take part in social events, but are not allowed to use the green and do not have voting rights at general meetings.

For an application form or more information please telephone 0845 250 4394.